JOIN THE NETWORK OF CANADIAN REGULATORS is the world's only resource that increases the visibility and understanding of consumer protection by bringing together every professional regulator in the country and providing the public with direct access to comprehensive information and news to protect them.


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A National Regulatory Hub
Increasing the Visibility of Consumer Protection
Building Public Knowledge
Better Protecting Canadians
A Network that Benefits Canada is a national online resource that provides comprehensive information about professional regulation, consumer protection, and regulatory bodies.

All Canadian regulatory bodies - organizations mandated by provincial, territorial, or federal statute to enforce a legislation governing a profession - are eligible to join the network. allows Canadian regulators to come together to increase the visibility of consumer protection, build public knowledge, and better protect Canadians as one collective voice.  By pooling marketing resources, Canadians will have a better perspective of consumer protection, the role and regulators, and their rights and obligations and consumer/patients.

Regulatory bodies can register here to join the network of  Members of the network may:

Submit news releases for publication on

Share disciplinary decisions, annual reports, and other relevant information for public consumption.

Submit articles for publication.

Share marketing and promotional materials for greater reach.

Broadcast Annual General Meetings and other events broadcast live. 

Have public advisories geolocated and broadcast to communities at risk.

Have all updates appear in The Roundup.

Be eligible for a profile in The Roundup.

Receive a Partnership plaque.

Post standard employment vacancies in at no charge.

Post featured employment vacancies in at a discounted rate.

Marketing You 24/7 will be reaching out to Canadian audiences all day and every day beginning May 27. 2019.  In addition to sharing regulatory information about network members, we will aggressively market the brand from coast-to-coast-to-coast, and in our members' respective jurisdictions: 

Strategic Digital Marketing










Owned Media


Pay Per Click

Display Ads


Paid content


Social media ads

Web Properties




- The Roundup

Mobile Site/App

Blog Site

Social media channels

Questions?  We've Got Answers!

How much is a Partnership?

A partnership is $220 per month for a twelve-month term.

Are there any additional fees?

No. There are no additional fees fees for a partnership.  Additional fees only apply if a Featured employment opportunity is listed on 

Are all regulatory bodies listed in, even if not members?

Yes.  For the benefit of consumers, all Canadian regulatory bodies' homepages, public registers, details on filing a complaint, and recent disciplinary decisions are linked to  If a regulatory body's website does not have some of this information, then a message will appear on the relevant site urging visitors to contact the organization directly.

Can we post employment listings if we are not network members?

Yes. Fees will apply.  Click here for details on submitting an employment listing.

As network members, can we contribute ideas to make even better?

Absolutely! is a resource for regulators, and comments, feedback, and ideas are welcomed.

When can a membership be cancelled?

All network membership have a one-year term.  They can be cancelled for the following year at any time up to one week prior to renewal.

Does have a Privacy Policy?

Yes!  You can read it here.

Can we submit articles if we are not partners?

No. Only network members may share information for broadcast.  

Register Here

Your Organization



A Little More Information about your Organization

Which professions do you regulate?

How many registrants/members

do you regulate in total?

Approximately, how many full-time and part-time many employees does your regulatory body have?

Terms and Conditions


This Network Membership {the “Membership”} Agreement is by and between and the Canadian regulatory body {the “Organization”} referenced in this registration form. 


The designated individual mentioned in this Registration form, on behalf of the Organization, authorize(s) the Organization to enter into an agreement with is owned and managed by MDR Public Affairs of 330 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2S8.  MDR Public Affairs authorizes all transactions by and between and this Organization and has final authority on all matters related to it on behalf of

Purpose and Intent is a website that was developed and is maintained to provide the Canadian public with information, news, and articles on professional regulation and regulatory bodies in Canada.  It also provides direct links to the websites of all Canadian regulatory bodies specifically to their homepages, public registries, information on complaint filing, and details on recent disciplinary decisions.


The intent of is to increase the Canadian public’s awareness of professional regulation, issues surrounding consumer protection, and Canadian regulatory bodies to allow the public to make more informed decisions as consumers and patients. 


Network Membership Eligibility

Network Memberships with are restricted to Canadian regulatory organizations, which are not-for-profit corporations designated by statute by a provincial, territorial, or federal government agency to enforce legislation governing a profession or professions in their respective jurisdiction.


In addition to network memberships, reserves the right to extend partnerships to individuals, agencies, organizations, and corporations on a case-by-case basis whose interests and mandates directly support those of and its network members, and whose activities will contribute to the mandates of and its network members.


Network Membership Term


The network membership term is one calendar year, commencing on the date of payment of Partnership fees.




As a Network Member, your Organization is entitled to:


  • Submit news releases relating to the Organization for publication on

  • Share disciplinary decisions, annual reports, and other relevant information for publication on

  • Submit general articles for publication on

  • Share marketing and promotional materials for publication and sharing on

  • Broadcast Annual General Meetings and other events live on by sending a weblink of the proceedings which will be uploaded to 

  • Share Public Advisories for publication and promotion on

  • Have submitted updates considered for publication in The Roundup, a weekly digest of regulatory sector activities in Canada.

  • Have online its marketing and communications shared on

  • Receive a Partnership plaque.

  • Have Standard employment vacancies published in at no charge.

  • Have Featured employment vacancies published in at a discounted rate.


Content Submission


All materials submitted must be approved by prior to publication.  All submissions to must be relevant to the Organization.  Offensive materials and any content that is disparaging of other organizations, individuals, government(s), government politics, and the public will not be considered. will not approve any content that is harassing in nature or could potentially be considered offensive. reserves the right to edit submissions.  When that occurs, the Organization will be informed of suggested edits prior to publication.


All content for publication should be sent in MSWord format to

Intellectual Property and all intellectual property rights in this Platform are owned by MDR Public Affairs.


Content submitted by Partners remain the intellectual property of the Organizations.

MDR Public Affairs reserves all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, its own copyrights, trademarks, domain names, design rights, brand elements, database rights, patents, and all other intellectual property rights of any kind, whether registered or unregistered.




All brand elements, product name, company name, website names, logos, registered and unregistered trademarks, displayed on the Platform or used in connection with the Services are the trademarks of MDR Public Affairs (or its suppliers, partner businesses or third-party licensors).

Any use or misuse of any trademarks or brand elements of MDR Public Affairs,, or any other business or brand of MDR Public Affairs; or any other content appearing on the Platform or in connection with the Platform except as provided in these Terms and Conditions, or with the express written consent of, or other partners, is strictly prohibited.

Nothing contained on the Platform shall be considered as an express or implied grant of any license or right to use any trademark or brand element without prior written consent from



Network membership fees are $210 per month for one calendar year ($2,520 per year), payable in full at the commencement of a Network Membership for the term of the membership.


Payment can be made online by credit card or by cheque, payable to:


MDR Public Affairs

ATTN: Membership

1400 - 330 Bay Street

Toronto, Ontario

M5H 2S8


The fees are exclusive of sales taxes.


Fees are subject to change. No change in fees will impact a network membership for which payment has been received and the Partnership is current, active, and up-to-date.




Fees are non-refundable.



Cancellation of Partnership may occur by the Organization at any time by contacting




The signatory has the authority to bind this Organization and by submitting this Registration form agrees to all terms and conditions.


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